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Facts About Male Health That You Need To Know!

Men are always taught that they are the tough ones as compared to the women around then and they have to remain tough for protecting their loved ones. This thought process has brought a very damaging change in the emotional setup of the men because men this that as they have to be tough, they should not talk about any concerns or problems regarding their health to anyone.  Research show that a significant percentage of men do not consult any doctor or an expert even when they are feeling ill. Some men think that reporting and consulting medical professional for small illness may get conceived as a weakness. Many men are not aware of their body and its proper functions, and that is why they are suffering from many health problems.

Facts about male health

Although actions prove this point all the time, people are not aware of the fact that there is a difference between a male brain and a female brain and the male brain functions differently too.

In case a man and woman are of the same height, the man will have wider feet making him more stable as compared to the woman. It means that the man is less prone to falling as compared to the woman.

It is a fact that the aging process for men is a slower process than females and this is a proven fact. Women lose the collagen at a faster rate after the menopause.

Men also go through a version of menopause because their testosterone levels start to diminish and this can cause problems like depression, erectile dysfunction, and low self-confidence.

Major health concerns faced by men

It is also a fact that men are prone to fall prey to some diseases faster and great percentages as compared to the women of same age. If they are made aware of such conditions, it is possible that the men may take better care of their health and will avoid such life-threatening diseases.


More Risk

 The risk of cardiovascular disease is more to the men than their female counterparts.


Skin Cancer

Skin cancer also hits more men than women because the studies show that more men than women have suffered death due to skin cancer.


Excessive Drinking

Alcohol-induced diseases and deaths are more in men because it is said that a man with a habit of excessive drinking is more prone to commit suicide.


Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases like lung cancer are also more common in men than in women.

As you can see that there are certain diseases that attack the males more than they attack the females as far as the mankind is concerned. However, due to the tough man attitude, may men neglect their health and fail to recognize the early symptoms of such diseases. Early recognition can help in getting early treatment. Therefore being serious about your health is necessary so that you can avoid certain life-threatening diseases and be healthy. Start exercising and eating healthy so that you are fit and healthy. Going for regular checkups after the age of 40 so that it is possible to detect the problems at an early stage.

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